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Hello guys! My name is Alek and I am a professional massage therapist with more than 10 years of experience. I provide different kinds of therapies like Swedish Massage, Relaxing Massage, Full Body Massage, Deep Tissue, Thai with Oil, Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Foot Reflexology, Head Massage, Lanna Tok Sen Massage, Gua Sha or Reiki.

Are you looking for a deep relaxation, better sleep, muscle tension or stress relieve? I am the right therapist for you!

I only provide outcall massages at the moment so will be visiting you at your home or office. I will bring all the equipment needed, being it a massage table or a thai mattress according to the therapy. Also all the materials needed for the treatment as well as all the PPE required. I only travel by my own car - avoiding public transport to ensure the highest safety for both of us at current times.

Let me give you some more information about the services I provide so you can choose the right massage treatment for you. Don't hesitate to contact me by WhatsApp, text message, phone call or Gumtree instant messaging if you have any questions about - I usually respond in about couple minutes ;-)

~ Swedish / Relaxing / Full Body Massage:

A full body massage is the practice of applying gliding, rubbing, and kneading strokes on the skin, body muscles, fascia, ligaments and various organs of the body to induce a soothing, refreshing feeling throughout the body. A full body massage empties stress from any place where it is stored in the body, from the shoulders to lower back and legs. This is one of the biggest advantages which it has over many other types of massages that focus on a specific part of the body, like foot massage or a shoulder massage.

~ Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissue massage entails the use of stokes similar to but greater in intensity than those of other massage therapies like Swedish massage, Ayurveda massage, etc. However, it isn’t merely a more intense version of those techniques. That’s because the strokes used in deep massage are modulated to create effects which a mere increase in the intensity of strokes used in other techniques cannot generate.

A deep tissue massage is used to disentangle scar tissues and muscle “knots’ or adhesions (bundles of sore tissues). These ailing tissue bundles can obstruct blood circulation, reduce flexibility, and cause inflammation. A deep tissue massage usually begins with the use of lighter strokes to warm up and prime the muscles, and then pressure is gradually increased along with the application of various techniques.

~ Thai Yoga, Nuad Thai or Traditional Thai Massage:

Thai massage is about the application of rhythmic pressure that sends compression forces rippling through muscle tissues. This is usually carried with both the client and masseuse out on a futon mat on the floor, and with the client on stretchy clothes like a yoga gear. The therapist, while lying on the mat together with the client, stretches the client’s body through a wide range of motions, without any efforts on the client’s part.

The client can take various positions on the mat, including lying face up, lying face down, lying on the side, or seated. There’s a different massage technique for each of these positions. However, all these techniques involve movements that compress, pull, rock and stretch various parts of the client’s body.

Thai massage techniques leave you both relaxed and energized, so you can go from a Thai massage session straight into your daily routine activities.

~ Thai with oil or Thai Aroma massage:

This is a combination of different techniques applying Traditional Thai massage principles as well as Swedish massage or relaxation techniques. If you have never experience Thai massage before it is a good way to introduce yourself to the wonders of these ancient healing therapy.

This massage can be performed both on a massage table or on a mattress on the floor. Aromatherapy and essentials oils will be applied - unless you have some allergy or sensitive skin. In that case I will use a carrier massage oil like Sweet Almonds or Grape Seed oil. I only work with certified organic cold pressed oils.

~ Thai Reflexology or Foot Massage:

Foot massage is an age-old practice used by peoples of various cultures across the globe to improve wellbeing and relax the body. Today, most foot massage techniques weave in elements from a number of health practices, including Shiatsu, Reflexology, and other similar therapies. These therapies entail the eradication of energetic blockages through the application of pressure on thousands of nerves.

A traditional foot massage usually involves application of pressure of various degrees on specific reflex areas of the foot. However, some foot massage techniques used require the use of sticks or rollers for even more effective stimulation. You can choose from a variety of cream or lotions for a foot massage, including cocoa butter, oil, or creams made specifically for foot massage.

~ Lanna Tok Sen Massage:

Tok Sen Massage is a method from the Lampun zone, Lanna, Thailand. Although uncertain, some believe that Tok Sen technique has a history of more than 5,000 years and was developed in Lanna (a region in northern Thailand).

The peculiarity of this type of massage is its main working tool, the Tok Sen: a small wooden mallet used to hit a stick or chisel also made of wood, which produces mechanical vibrations and sounds deeply working through the muscles.

Vibration waves penetrate soft tissue, muscle, ligaments, tendons and fascia stimulating cell repair and acting very deeply. The absorption rate is so deep that it is very effective in old injuries where working with hands can cause too much pain for the patient. Consider that the human body is composed of 70% liquid and vibration circulates much better through liquid than solids.

Another feature of Tok Sen is the sound. This instrument is created from hardwood which with rhythmic and repetitive hits will create a sound and a very particular and relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, it is an effective technique to mobilize blocked energy through vibration produced by the hits of the Tok Sen, in a relaxing and rhythmic way.

~ Gua Sha Massage Therapy:

Gua Sha massage is one of the oldest therapeutic methods used by mankind and is little known in the Western world. Rubbing or scraping the skin will have a high therapeutic value for more than one hundred diseases.

An instrument called Gua Sha Pan is used to apply this technique. A chosen area on the surface of the skin is rubbed in one direction for therapy after being lubricated with cream or oil. It is applied forcefully until the skin reddens or has dark red or purple dots. This is usually repeated every 3-5 days. The marks fully disappear in 2-4 days.

With this technique, we get rid of all those accumulated toxins in our body. When toxins get to the skin, they cause the release of red blood cells through the capillaries. As a result, red spots appear and Sha becomes visible.

The benefits of Gua Sha massage are numerous, as it not only helps to expel toxic waste from our body but also to significantly relax muscle tension, increase quality of body fluids, and improve one´s metabolism and immune system. Blood circulates better to the muscles, tissue and organs.

~ Reiki Usui:

Reiki provokes an instant relaxation effect on the nervous system. Every health condition can be treated with Reiki as a complementary treatment. Even though the results of this ancient Japanese technique can be surprisingly, Reiki is not a miraculous remedy and it is suggested to be received up to 3-4 sessions minimum to start noticing its benefits. In most cases Reiki helps to palliate stress, tension, anxiety, insomnia and emotional problems.

Reiki Massage is about channeling universal energy, that kind of energy that is present at all times and place around us continually. The person giving Reiki serves as a channel between the recipient and the universal energy of which we speak.

Through this technique, all the chakras and energy channels of the body will be cleaned. Additionally it is ideal for people with emotional problems, stress and anxiety states. This massage can help you reconnect with your soul, cleanse the negative energy that may have accumulated and also get repressed feelings and emotions.

My rates are:

- 60 minutes massage £70.00
- 90 minutes massage £105.00
- 120 minutes massage £140.00
- 150 minutes massages £175.00

I cover all of the areas in London.
Zones 2 to 4 don't have any surcharge.
Zones 5 and 6 have an extra charge of £10 for transport costs.
Zone 1 has an extra charge of £15 - this is due to the Congestion Charge zone costs.
Any other areas, please ask.

I am available every day of the week from 10am to 10pm. Please consider to book in advance to ensure date and time preferred for your treatment.

If you want to enjoy a massage after 10pm an extra charge of £10 will be applied.

Special prices for students aged under 25: £55 per hour.

If you are a couple and want to book two treatment you will get a £10 discount on the total price.

Note that all of the above are professional massages - strictly therapeutically, this is not a sensual service. Both ladies and gens welcome!

I accept payments in cash, credit card, bank transfer and PayPal :)

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Friday, May 14, 2021

What an excellent practitioner. Amazing vibe, amazing Thai yoga massage. Game changer in other words. Expect urban to up their game on Alek's level from now on.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Alek was on time, professional, knowledgeable and confident in applying massage and manipulation techniques. I felt great afterwards and will definitely book him to try the Thai Yoga he suggested. My body was relieved of physical stress but also my emotional tension benefited from this experience. Can’t thank you enough!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Alex very friendly and positive massage therapist. Deep tissue massage session was very helpful and done with Thai acupressure tecniques with amaizing Indian Balm. Will defenately book next week. Yana


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