Working a Desk Job and How Massage Therapy Can Help

Nina Dali Friday, January 20, 2023
Many people spend at least 8 hours per day at a desk for their jobs. Sitting hunched over a computer, typing on a keyboard, and staring at screens all day can also have a negative impact on your health. Our bodies are not designed to be sat for long periods of time. When we sit, our backs tend to hunch forward and our necks remain bent downward. Long periods of sitting put strain on the entire body.

Two Significant Issues Brought on by a Desk Job

1. Lower Back Pain: Whether it's a minor ache or a chronic ache, back pain can prevent us from performing at our best. Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can cause lower back pain. The most common work-related back problem is probably lower back pain. Poor posture while sitting at our desk causes the spine to be out of alignment, putting strain on the muscles in the lower back. A Relaxing Massage can relieve the strain of sitting for long periods of time. A massage increases blood flow and reduces soreness and helps to relieve pain. Massage therapy can also decrease muscle tension in the back as well.

2. Neck and shoulder pain: Pain in your shoulders and neck can be excruciating. We don't realize how much we move our neck until it hurts. Too much distance between your keyboard and mouse can cause shoulder and neck pain. The top third of a computer monitor's screen should be at eye level. When your chair is too far away from your desk, you will find yourself sitting on the edge of your chair, with your neck and shoulders tipped forward, throwing your head out of alignment with your spine and straining your muscles. A massage therapist may concentrate on the sore or distressed area of the neck using Deep Tissue Massage. More likely, they will concentrate on the entire spinal area, as well as the front of the shoulders and chest, to relieve tension that contributes to hunched shoulders and neck pulls. 

When the head is aligned, over the shoulders, it weighs about 10-12 pounds. The more forward the head sits, the more force muscles must exert to keep your head up, putting strain on the muscles. Forward head posture can cause muscle imbalances over time as the body tries to adapt and find efficient ways to hold the head up for straight-ahead vision. Some muscles become longer and weaker, while others become shorter and tighter.

Did you know that when we text on our phones and look down at our devices, the angle of our head forward can increase those forces as if it weighed more than 60 pounds? Forward head posture is not always as simple to correct as simply pulling your shoulders back. 

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