The Difference Between Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage

Nina Dali Thursday, May 5, 2022

A good massage is always welcome, but how do you know which one is right for you? A massage consists of physical stimulation of your muscles and skin which varies greatly in strength and technique. How can you tell the difference between them?


People often don't know the difference between these two massages when they visit the spa in London. It may disappoint some and surprise others, so today I would like to explain to you in more detail what makes these two massage styles different.


By its name, Deep tissue massage London explains perfectly what it is all about. Different pressures are applied to manipulate the deeper tissue layers in the body. But what exactly are the deeper layers of tissue is somewhat unclear. All the layers of tissue that lie on top of a muscle, but not the muscle itself. The therapist works on these layers, but not too deep as to work through the entire tissue, as a sports massage would. The pressure of this type is still efficient enough to release newly formed or small knots and to stretch stiff muscles. The reason I mention new or small knots is because big tension knots are caused by a buildup over time, or by injury. A specially trained sports massage therapist in London performs this therapy.


The purpose of a Sports massage London is to prevent or improve sports injuries by manipulating the soft tissues (muscles). A therapist has broader, more specific medical knowledge and training so they can efficiently and safely manipulate muscles, ensuring they do not further harm the fragile tissue. The line between working the muscle and causing more injury is thin! This type of massage is best left to a well-trained, specialized professional. If you requirIf you require a sports massage for an injury, make sure the therapist is qualified to do so before booking an appointment.


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