How Much Water Should You Drink After a Massage

Nina Dali Sunday, January 17, 2021

Getting a massage is often viewed as a luxury to be indulged in once in a blue moon. But as the health benefits of regular massages become increasingly lauded, the habit once thought of as merely a luxury has become more common each year.

Clinical trials confirm that regular massages boost overall health, especially difficult-to-treat conditions such as anxiety, depression, and a host of other invisible illnesses.

If you’ve ever received a massage, the masseuse has likely offered you water, and probably advised you to drink water throughout the rest of the day.

In general, people do not drink enough water in their daily life and should strive to drink 8 glasses a day. This intake should increase when you take part in physical activities or therapeutic healing practices like having a massage.

It’s polite and pleasant to offer post-massage water, but there’s no biological, detoxifying need for it. It’s about on par with a recommendation to “think positively” or “go for a short walk to get your blood moving” — fine things, but tepid medical advice.

Many massage therapists believe that massage releases toxins into the bloodstream, which can then be washed away by drinking water after you get off the table. Exactly which toxins and how they are “flushed” by massage or washed away by water is completely unclear to anyone.

There is however no scientific evidence that (unspecified and un-named) toxins are released during a massage and therefore they don't need flushing out of your system with extra water. This is a massage myth perpetuated by many massage schools and courses but not backed up by any scientific evidence.

However, drinking water after a massage treatment is a good idea, it helps to rehydrate the muscles and soft tissues that have just been worked, I always recommend drinking a few small glasses of water within the following hour and always offer my client a glass of water at the end of the treatment. We need to be adequately hydrated for proper cellular function to occur.

So, it is true you should drink water after massage in order to re-hydrate because your body is using water at a faster rate, but the key is to be drinking enough water every day, whether you get a massage or not.  Water is vital for every function that occurs in the body, and necessary to maintain healthy, hydrated muscle tissue.