Top 10 Full Body Massages in West London

Nina J. Thursday, September 10, 2020

A full body massage has tons of benefits for both the mind and body. However, there are various types of full body massage West London that you must choose from. 

To assist you, I Love Massage London provides you the list of full body massages offered by West London Massage therapists. Might as well, identify first the most suitable type of full body massage that can truly help reduce your stress and even body pain. 

Choose right among these top 10 types of full body massage in West London for a superb experience. 

  1. Swedish Massage is a gentle body massage that includes kneading, long, flowing strokes towards the heart's direction, passive joint movement techniques, deep circular motions, vibration and tapping. It is simply for relaxation and fixing minor pains.
  1. Aromatherapy Massage is a combination of Swedish massage and essential oils. It helps in emotional healing through the sensational scents of the oil. So it reduces stress and anxiety while it boost one’s mood through aromas.
  1. Deep Tissue Massage is far more intense than Swedish massage. It is perfect for individuals who suffer from chronic muscle pains. The massage therapist will give you slow but pressured strokes to reach the deepest layer of your muscles.
  1. Sports Massage helps to regulate the injured muscle or blood flow. It lessens the pain as it improves sports performance and flexibility.
  1. Thai Massage in London is known for stretching and yogic experience. It generates energy level, fluid circulation, and flexibility. This full body massage is more active than the others. 
  1. Couples Massage lets you experience a full body massage package with your family, friend, or partner. West London massage centres provide side-by-side massage beds for your partner too. 
  1. Healing Holistic Massage focuses more on mind, spirit, and body. It still provides soft massages in the neck, shoulders, back, and other parts. Benefits of this kind of full body massage is to lessen anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue.
  1. Jet Lag Massage is for travels to remove pain from neck, shoulders, calves, and legs. It helps them to skip jet lag days and adjust in the time right away. 
  1. Lomi-Lomi Massage in London originates in Hawaii and is also known as “loving hands” massage. It is perfect for long underbody strokes that are continuous and flowing. It is usually done on a hand-woven mat on the floor.
  1. 4 Hands Massage London has two professional massage therapists who use both of their hands to perform Swedish massage. It doubles the pressure to provide a better full body massage

All these full body massages are offered in West London. You may try any of these and start enjoying its compelling effects to your mind and body.

Once you have chosen the full body massage in West London, you might also browse the best massage therapists to provide you impressive service in their lovely massage centres. 

I Love Massage London also delivers you the list of excellent massage therapists who can serve you any of the top 10 massage in West London. 

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