Creating A Relaxed Massage Enviroment

Nina J. Friday, January 3, 2020

Relaxation is central to any form of massage, and the more you can do to provide a calm, comfortable setting, the more effective your treatment will be. Whatever your massage place is like, it takes only a little care and preparation to transform part of it into a peaceful massage area. Probably the two most essential requirements are heat and quiet. The room you choose should be draught-free and very warm – particularly for an oil massage, when the receiver will be naked.

You should have a rug or towel available, too, to cover your client at the end of a session, or during it if he or she feels chilly. And before you start, make sure you have a few small cushions or pillows at hand, to use as padding for your client. Some people like to play relaxing music in the background, others may find music of any kind intrusive.

The lighting in the room should be soft and subdued, as bright lights prevent the eyes relaxing completely. The gentle glow of candlelight is idea. As a final touch, you can use flowers or incense to add fragrance to the atmosphere.

Massage is a two-way flow of touch and response, a mutual exchange of energy. The hands, which both give and receive, and the skin – these are the instruments of communications. Through your hands you perceive and discover the uniqueness of the person you are touching; through their skin they receive the gift of your touch, the caring contact and movements. In a sense the terms “giver” and “receiver” are deceptive, since any form of touch therapy is a matter of sharing.

For the healing power of touch to come through, both “giver” and “receiver” need to understand their roles in the exchange, both need to give and to be receptive – the receiver by giving trust, by surrendering to the giver; the giver by being open and sensitive to the receiver’s needs. At its highest level, massage can be a form of meditation, with both participants present in the moment, both focused on the point of contact between them.

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