Beginning To Practising Massage In London

Nina J. Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Care and sensitivity, a little time and energy, and a good pair of hands – this is all that’s needed to begin practising massage. But no matter which of the touch therapies you choose to learn, there are certain important guidelines for treatment that apply to all there.

Make sure the room is warm
Firstly, it is worth taking the trouble to set the scene in advance, so that you are well-prepared for the session before you begin – with the room already warm and snug, cushions, blankets and towels available, and any oil or powder you may need at hand. You will break the flow of the treatment if you have to stop to go in search of another heater, or more oil. And you will defeat the whole object of the exercise if your client cannot relax because he or she is chilly or uncomfortable.

Think about what you will need for your own comfort, too. To give good massage you must be able to move freely, so it is essential to wear loose-fitting clothes. And each time you change position within a treatment session. You must make sure that you feel relaxed, not strained, before carrying on with the treatment.

Never make do with a slightly awkward position, thinking that the discomfort will disappear. It won’t, and your tension will be transmitted to your partner. As the giver, your comfort is closely linked to your posture and breathing. Whether you are sitting, kneeling or standing, your body should feel balanced and relaxed. To allow the healing energy to flow freely, keep your back straight rather than stooping or bending, and move from belly and pelvis, using your whole body to apply pressure, not just your hands or shoulders.

It's all about genuine caring, consideration and respect
If you can breathe fully and let your body “dance” as you move, you will avoid getting tense or tired and will end a treatment with as much energy as when you started Central to the success of any touch therapy is your state of mind and attitude to your client. You should regard each session as a new experience and bring to each one a feeling of genuine caring, consideration and respect. Before giving a treatment, talk to the receiver about what you are going to do and find out if there are any special problems. Encourage your client to interrupt you during the session if he or she is uncomfortable or if your pressure is too light or too strong.

But in general discourage chatting – you will only dilute the concentration and return from the communication of touch to the overused language of every day. Never attempt to give a treatment if you are upset, angry or unwell – for not only will your energy be depleted, but your mood will affect your client. It will help you to maintain the right attitude if you can stay “centred” and give your client your full attention.

Many of us spend much of our lives thinking of the past or idly worrying about the future, and miss what is going on in the present moment. For all touch therapies it is essential that you keep your attention on the “here and now”, for the healing energy transmitted through your hands will be weakened or deflected by an absent mind. When you are centred, you are guided by your intuition and will more readily sense where the sources of tension of energy imbalance lie in your client.

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You will be able to find the right touch for each part of the body, and to differentiate between a “good hurt” and excessive pressure. But if your thoughts do start to drift while you are working, simply bring them gently back and quieten your mind by concentrating on your mind by concentrating on your breathing. Working with your eyes closed may help you to stay in touch with what you are doing and keep your attention in your hands.

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