Nina J. Friday, December 28, 2018

Unlike successful massage therapists, many massage therapists find it difficult to attract new clients. 

Your main task is to build and maintain an active massage client base that will keep your appointment book full. You must first attract people who want your massage therapist services, then keep as many clients coming back as possible. As a rule, it takes more time, effort and money to attract new business than it does to keep it.

When it comes to attracting more clients, the problem isn’t the lack of prospects. It’s the failure to resonate with people and connect with their needs.

This is why many massage therapists feel caught up in a competitive environment and struggle to grow their business.

To educate the public and convert them into clients your message has to be crystal clear. You must move away from generalizations and paint a very specific picture of what you can do for the client.

Don’t assume that the public know what you do. Just because you know that massage can benefit your clients don’t assume that your cold market does.

Simply stating your title, qualifications along with a list of modalities and techniques does little to inform the average person on the street about the benefits of your treatments.

To educate the public, you need to speak directly to their pain points. You are going to create an article that describes how massage can help with a specific health issue. And then, at the end of the article, you’re going to invite the reader to contact you.

The important thing to remember here is the article is not about you and your treatments. It’s about the reader, their problem and how massage can help. This is what is generally termed a bridging article.

You’re providing information to the reader to enable them to make an informed decision. You are moving them from problem aware to solution aware. Now it’s time to turn them into a client. You do this at the end of your article by inviting the reader to contact you.

If you plan on developing some regular massage clients, you must have access to people who can afford regular massage. Are you offering your services in an affluent area? Is your office in a desirable part of town? What can you offer that sets you apart from other massage therapists in your area?

There are ways to promote your massage services very inexpensively. Taking time to plan your initial marketing campaign is well worth the effort. You don’t want to commit money toward promotional activities that aren’t attracting enough business to make them worthwhile. Before sitting down to create an educational marketing piece, it’s very important to understand the purpose of the message.

Make adding new clients a game. Ask yourself: “How can I attract more business?” and make a list of all the ideas you come up with. Your goal should be to get enough clients to keep your schedule full. Keep adding until it’s easy to fill your appointment book each week.

Keep them wanting more. Getting massage clients to keep coming back is vital to a successful massage practice, and there are some helpful secrets that virtually all seasoned bodyworkers know:

Make a connection. The secret to repeat business is a sincere, heartfelt concern for your massage clients. Get to know each one for the special person he or she is and let them know you are there to help. When you are truly interested, your client will feel it and keep coming back.

Be committed to delivering excellent service. You’ve probably had a massage from someone who wasn’t really “there” for you that day. It’s all too easy to fall into a rut and operate on automatic. People can feel the difference, so be sure to put 100% into each massage you deliver.

Get feedback from clients to make sure they are getting what they need and want from you. We’re all taught to be polite, so it’s your responsibility to make sure clients are telling you if they are really satisfied with your services. Let them know it’s okay to share their feelings — and make it safe for them to do so.

Be responsive. Return calls and set appointments promptly; always be on time, and stay in good communication with your massage clients. Show them how important they are to you.

When running a business, nothing is more important than looking after your established clients. Your clientele are arguably your most valuable asset, so it pays to treat them with warmth and respect, and to stay in touch. You’ve already done the hard yards to entice them into your business, they like what you do and, unless something unexpected has happened, they’ll probably want your services again.

Existing clients are also likely to promote your services to others. Keep them happy by providing a good service, remember to ask them about themselves (find out a little bit about their lives, not just their bodies) and contact them regularly. Plenty of existing clients would probably love to book in for a massage more than they do, but simply forget to call. Make it easier for them and initiate the contact.

Last but not least. Spoil your clients! Little things can make a big difference. 

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